Write & Shine

PR, Media and Branding 12 Week Elite Program



Scale your online business with a memorable brand infused by your personality.

This 90 day mix of DFY PR & Branding and 1:1 coaching will take you from hiding in the shadows to a go to expert in your industry.

Write & Shine PR, Media and Branding 12 Week Elite Program

The 12 Week Elite Program is designed to help you Increase your Visibility and Sales with a mixture of 1:1 Coaching and done for you design and PR.

After 90 days you will be positioned as the go-to expert and thought leader in your industry.

How the Elite Program is Designed:

Your Designs are created for you in Canva, to duplicate and edit as much as You need or want in Future.
A Customized Video is Made as Part of Training for You or Your VA to use these Templates.

12 x 1:1 Coaching Sessions

1 Session with Graphic Designer (as add on)
Personality test as this whole process is designed to represent you and your Brand Personality.
Call To Action Through INSPIRATION.
Clear Topics to Position you in front of the Right Audience.
A video to describe who you are, who you serve and what you offer. 
We create a special Lead magnet  for your brand, to create that Crucial  First Impression. This you use as part of your Interviews, bringing more Value but also to Build Your Business and Email List.

We look at ways for you to host monthly memberships/events/retreats as part of your marketing and lower ticket offer and creating more awareness of your services as well as part of positioning you as the expert in your industry. 
Week 1: Brand archetypes & infusing your brand with your personality
Week 2: Your Brand Look and Feel
Week 3: Done for you: Brand asset creation & Canva training to do it yourself Creating your brand and PR story that will inspire and turn your audience into raving fans.
Week 4: Customized Workshop/Becoming a Public Speaker
Week 5: Your brand vision and mission
Week 6: Increasing your visibility, brand awareness and influence with confidence
Week 7: Growing your brand through social media and content creation
Week 8: Increasing your sales and understanding the phycology behind the buying decision
Week 9: Creating a network of PR contacts, magazine feature and podcast interview
Week 10: Your practical online Workshop/Inspired Talk
Week 11: Launching your brand and client enrolment
Week 12: Your Celebration Session
DFY Templates in your Branding:

-Company Logo
-Company brand palette and colors and Promo design for your marketing
-PR article on Canva and Front Cover for your article
-PR article on Magazine format
-PR and Media Kit
-Social Media Banners
-Social Media Prompts
-Lead Magnet of Your Choice
-Events Invites 
-Onboarding Document
-Invoice  & Quote
-Calendly Link Setup and Branding
-Design for your Own PR Campaign
-Powerpoint slides
-Workbook Template with your branding
-Events Banner
-Speakers Banner 





Immediate Access To PR, Media and Branding 12 Week Elite Program




Immediate Access To PR, Media and Branding 12 Week Elite Program