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Eat+Play+Love with Di-Di Hoffman

#eatplayloveonlinebusinessretreat Apr 11, 2022

What an honor to have this interview with the incredible Di-Di Hoffman.

Di-Di is 🎙️ Host of The Badass Wellness Coach Show 🧭 Publisher of The Reluctant Rainmaker's Quest ☔ Bespoke Rainmaker Quest Guide 🌳 Treehugger, Fresh-Air-Addict & Bookworm

To Contact Di-Di go to:

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If you want to join Us for the 3 Day Eat+Play+Love Online Business Retreat book your spot:


Reasons Di-Di gives YOU to join:

1. The emphasis of this retreat is on quality not quantity. 

2. The hand pick list of phenomenal speakers is going to bring life changing value. 

3. At this retreat we want INSPIRATION to help you SHINE, the lime light is on our Guests. You get featured in a Magazine, A interview is done with you as well as be invited to a Podcast. Where is this done in the world?  You get a PR kit and a Network that gives you real 3rd party credibility. 




"People do not buy goods or services. They buy relations, stories and magic" - Seth Godin

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