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Eat+Play+Love with Sylvia Morrison

#eatplayloveonlinebusinessretreat Apr 30, 2022

What an honor to have this interview with the incredible Sylvia Morrison. 

Sylvia is a Life Mastery Consultant & Dream Builder Coach, Motivational Speaker at The Baobab Tree Consulting.


To Contact Sylvia you can email her:

[email protected]

Or Connect with her via Facebook:


If you want to join Us for the 3 Day Eat+Play+Love Online Business Retreat book your spot:


Reasons Sylvia gives YOU to join:

1. If you are looking for  a way to connect with like minded people and grow , then Eat + Play + Love is for you.

2. This truly is a space where people connect as friends and cheer each other on. 

3. You will grow when you spend time with the quality connections you make. 



"People do not buy goods or services. They buy relations, stories and magic" - Seth Godin


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