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Develop the Creative Skills you need to succeed, grow and make an impact in your business while you are having FUN.

These monthly Masterclasses are Designed to Help you Attain Creative Excellence through the Content Creative Process. 

This Month's Dates and Times:

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20 July 2022

1 pm EST

7pm SAST



21 July 2022

 3 pm EST

 9 pm SAST



22 July 2022

5 pm EST

11 pm SAST


Our Theme:


Pitch Like A Pro -


your 'muchness'..

“‎You're not the same as you were before," he said. You were much more... muchier... you've lost your muchness.”
― Lewis Carroll 


When Alice is told that she has lost her 'muchness', the Mad Hatter was talking about an indefinable quality that made Alice who she was, which seemed to be lost in her confusion and uncertainty about who she is. Through this class, I will show you the steps to pitch in CLARITY, not only to the media but also your Facebook Group, potential clients as well as audience waiting to be Inspired by YOU! 


* During our Theme Party: Eat+Play+Love in Wonderland, you will be given the Opportunity to Pitch after the Coaching, to Podcasters, Authors, Journalists and Potential Clients.
* Prior to the dates, upon your booking, you will receive a link to schedule an interview with Magriet, to talk about your book/latest launch/Podcast etc . This will be posted on all the Write and Shine platforms as well as uploaded to the Eat+Play+Love Creative Gallery that will be created for our July Classes 
Example of previous Gallery for the Eat+Play+Love 3 Day Online Business Retreat:

Eat+Play+Love Creative Monthly Masterclass

These monthly Masterclasses are Designed to Help you Attain Creative Excellence through the Content Creative Process. 

Do you feel like you are not being seen and heard by your audience and ideal clients?

Let me show you how to SHINE through Connecting with your Creativity.

Join me for a Creative Masterclass to: ⁣

✍️Learn how to Confidently craft and deliver your message through various ways from public speaking, creating workshops, journaling etc.

⁣ ✍️ Learn how to Confidently show up through your Writing and Speaking Voice.

 ✍️ Learn how to implement what you have learned at these Masterclasses immediately. 


After each Masterclass you will feel inspired and confident..ready to make a bigger impact in your world.


 What to bring to this month's class:

 🎻 Crayons/Coloring Pens & Paper

 🎻 Something that describes your personality to share with small groups in break out rooms.

  🎻 Your Journal and Affirmation Cards will be sent before class starts, so keep that with you should you want to make notes!

This is YOUR TIME...

To Eat+Play+Love .

EAT #1

During each Masterclass, Play Therapy Techniques are used to help with Mindset, Imposter Syndrome, Confidence online and in Your Creating Process.


Each month a different topic will be discussed an coached. For example Public Speaking, Creating a Workshop that Sells, Journaling etc. This is done in a FUN way for you to not only learn and brainstorm but to implement immediately after each Masterclass. 


These Masterclasses are hosted in a safe, loving and supportive environment, where you will feel celebrated, loved and  supported in your Creative Journey.

Benefits of 

Creative Masterclass Group Coaching:

 - Accountability

- Brainstorming

- Support


- Community

- Friendship

- Networking

- You can go LIVE in the Write and Shine Group with 4300 + Members because you bought your seat at the Creative Class.




"Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun" Albert Einsten


I'm Magriet.

With over 20 Years Experience working with Top Brands, various Franchises,  helping start up Businesses, Coaches, ecommerce Platforms, developing new Products, working in the Non Profit Industry, the Publishing industry and various media platforms like radio work, writing, hosting retreats (online and offline)  through the powerful tool of PR, Media and Branding...

🎯The Eat+Play+Love Workshops are a combination of Play Therapy Techniques I have used for many years to facilitate Workshops and Retreats and also content creating, to help you SHINE from a Creative Space.
🎯Public Speaking, Workshops, Creating Content that resonates with your Ideal audience are all part of PR and Media and how you Position Yourself in a busy Online Space. 



"You need to attend these classes to talk with your audience with more confidence"

 Astrihanna M Chipowe


"I love that Magriet pay attention to everyone attending. I'm very blessed to work with her and meet wonderful people at these special classes"

Paulina Podbiello



"If you are looking to get clearer on what you want to do, I can highly recommend this masterclass"

Sigrid de Kaste



"I could really dig deep to show up stronger and face my fear. When you know what your fears are, you can overcome them"

Farana Jaliel




  • When you create something,  it's to produce something new and of value. 

  • How do you continue creating new, valuable products if you find yourself stuck or unsure?

  • During each Masterclass it's important to remember the creative process.

     We look at Creative Problem Solving (CPS): Clarification, Transformation, and Implementation. 

  • We also look at why fear and doubt can sometimes hinder us from creating as well as work through those fears and doubts to Create from a space of Freedom, Confidence and Clarity.
These monthly Masterclasses are Designed to Help you Attain Creative Excellence through the Content Creative Process. 

Book Your Seat for this Month's Masterclass TODAY!



  • 2 Hour Live Masterclass
  • Recordings will be send to all attendees afterwards
  • You will receive a link to schedule an interview with Magriet prior to the event, to be uploaded to the Eat+Play+Love Gallery in Celebration of your latest book/course launh, podcast etc. This will also be posted on all Write and Shine Platforms. 
  • Affirmation Cards and Journal as Gift
  • Membership to the Write and Shine  community
  • You can go LIVE in the Write and Shine Community of 4500 Members to market your products/services
  • If you want Magriet to send you a direct invoice request for this, please contact her on: [email protected] or whatsapp number: +270609760770