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PR and Media Kit Custom Made for You



Grow Your Online Presence by having a custom made PR Kit and PR  Story ready to share with Media, Your Audience and Ideal Clients. 

This includes Canva Templates for your Social Media PR presence as well as a unique Lead Magnet to build your authority while creating that Crucial First Impression. 

How We Create Your  PR & Media Kit:

If you are a Business Owner, Course Creator, Speaker, Author, Expert, Coach, or Thought-Leader and you want to build your personal brand and business to upscale through being seen and heard on various platforms like podcasts, TV shows, various magazines , this Elite Product is a Must Have,
You will receive DFY assets to share with outlets that may feature you, your brand and your story, that will create PR opportunities for you to help you gain more visibility, position you as an expert and stand out in the crowded marketplace with your clear message in front of the right audience.


Your PR and Media Kit Process and What you Will Receive:
-Your Customized PR and Media kit to send to future interviews.
-Your PR Story in a magazine article format within your branding, to send to send as pitch and angle to Media outlets.
-Personality test as the whole Kit is designed to represent you and your Brand Personality.
-5 X 1:1 sessions 
-Call To Action Through INSPIRATION.
-Clear Topics to Position you in front of the Right Audience.
-A video to describe who you are, who you serve and what you offer. 

We create a special Lead magnet  for your brand, to create that Crucial  First Impression. This you use as part of your Interviews, bringing more Value but also to Build Your Business and Email List.

Your PR Kit is Designed in Canva, for you to duplicate and edit as much as You need or want.
A Customized Video is Made as Part of Training for You/Your VA to use and Edit these Templates.

DFY Templates:

  • Social Media Banners
  • Social Media Prompts
  • Lead Magnet (you
  • Choose and we Create)
  • PR and Media Kit
  • PR Story Template on Canva
  • PR story on Magazine Article Format
  • Design for your Own PR Campaign

All of this for 1100 USD

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